PT. CARDTECH MASINDO was founded in 1993 as a company dealing with Plastic Card Technology & System, and its related business machines. We produce plastic cards locally with imported materials, and distribute products from many countries : Taiwan, Japan and Italy.

Besides selling and marketing plastic cards with its various application, such as ID Cards, Bank Cards, Member Cards, Patient Cards, and so on; we are also selling and marketing Time Attendance System, Access Control System, Copier Controller, Plastic Card Embosser and Printer, Magnetic Card Reader and Encoder, Mifare Card Reader and Writer, Fingerprint and Palm-vein Verifier, CCTV and Digital Video Recorder (DVR), and Point Of Sales (POS) Components.

Appointed as Exclusive Sole Agent and Distributor JANTEK, we have done our marketing effort throughout Indonesia territory directly as well as through our dealers.

Thanks to the full support of our principals, and also thanks to the trust and loyalty from our customers , we have the opportunity to grow and become a prominent company for its products and services in its field.

Jl. Bandengan Selatan No. 60 F,
Jakarta 14450, Indonesia.
Tel.(021) 6621708 (Hunting),
6616070 - 71
Fax.(021) 6621709
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